STR Tyre Pressure Gauge 4″Angle Chuck Liquid Filled Accuracy (GA101)

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Product Features
· 0-60PSI Scale (0-4 BAR).
· 1PSI Increments with vastly superior 1.6% accuracy!
· Display Holds Pressure until released.
· Reduce tyre overpressure by pressing the integral pressure relief. chrome valve button located below the gauge display (see pictures).
· Glow-in-the-dark dial face is easy to read in total or partial darkness.
· Specially designed vent valve to equalise pressure and maintain gauge accuracy.
· Integral impact shock absorbing rubber surround.
· Designed for motorsport use. Angle chuck allows quick and easy access to the valve.

Liquid Filled Tire Pressure Gauges
All liquid filled gauges are purposely filled to just 80%. The remaining 20% air pocket helps allow for thermal expansion and contraction as ambient temperature changes, thereby maintaining accuracy. If the gauge were filled to 100% even the slightest temperature change would significantly affect gauge readings as the expanding fluid would have no place to go. To give you even further accuracy over a wide operating range; these gauges have a rubber stopper on the top of the gauge which should be removed before use to set the internal pressure of the gauge to atmospheric pressure. The guarantee’s that internal pressure will not have any effect on the results. The stopper should be replaced before taking the pressure measurement.
All pressure gauges – liquid filled and regular – need to be vented to the outside to read accurately. If not vented, as the surrounding temperature changes, they will build up pressure inside and affect the accuracy – by as much as 2-3 PSI.

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