STR 5-Point (2″ WIDE) NASCAR SFI Approved Harness (Various Colours) (RS401)

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Nascar Style 5-point harness with rugged lever and latch type buckle. This buckle style is ideal for use in dirty environments where dirt ingress can create problems with the aircraft style buckle. The Nascar latch buckle is therefore very popular in short circuit and oval racing such as Autograss and shale stock car racing. This harness has steel adjusters and is supplied with 2m long shoulder straps and snap hook fittings.

5-Point harness with NASCAR latch style buckle
NASCAR latch – popular in environments where dirt ingress can be an issue
2″ Strap Width on shoulder and waist straps – for children and smaller adults (thin strap fits better over shoulder and is safer)
2″ Strap width on crutch strap for comfort
Crutch strap prevents the risk of ‘submarining’ *
Steel adjusters
Shoulder straps can be shortened for attachment behind the driver or can be extended to 2m
SFI Certified
STR Brand
Attractive Design
Designed to meet strict quality control standards
Manufactured by an FIA & SFI approved manufacturer
Can be attached by looping around the roll cage or by securing to eyelets on the chassis or roll cage
Bolt-In end connections allow for safe installation of harness with 7/16″ bolts
Please consult FIA/SFI guidelines for installation of the harness

WARNING – The effectiveness of this harness is directly related to the way in which it is installed, used and maintained. The user assumes that risk. No warranty, expressed or implied, is made as to its ability to protect against serious injury or death. See instructions for correct installation. If in doubt, consult the Manufacturer. Harnesses should be returned to the Manufacturer for inspection once a year and replaced every two years. Harnesses should be replaced following an accident, or when the webbing or hardware is damaged in any way or does not function properly.

* ‘Submarining’ can occur during a vehicle collision where the victim is propelled violently under the lap belt. It can result in serious injuries or death. Submarining can occur even in low speed collisions

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