Quick Release Splined Steering Hub (3 Hole, Metallic Crimson) (ST112)

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Ideal for motorsport use.
Acts as a safety device to allow quick escape from the vehicle.
Allows space for the driver to comfortably exit the car where the seat cannot be adjusted.
These hubs act as a security device as the wheel can be removed with the push of a button.
Fits almost any vehicle, welding to steering column is required.
The hub fit to a standard racing wheel with 3 hole fitment (such as Longacre/Rebco/JOES/any of our range of 3 hole american lightweight racing wheels).
Adaptor can be bought seperately to allow the use of MOMO / OMP / SPARCO style fitments to be fitted to our range of Q/R hubs.
Adaptor can be used to bring the wheel closer to the driver (10mm thickness).

Splined hub is manufactured from billet aluminium and is anodised SATIN METALLIC CRIMSON for corrosion resistance.
The aluminium hub is hardened to be harder wearing against the steel spline.
Centre spline is made from hardended steel.
Spline section offers multiple contact points to ensure less play over time.
Spline section gives many location points to allow finer adjustments to the steering position.
ID of spline is 3/4″ (19mm) to fit most steering columns (smaller columns should be sleeved to fit).
3 x M8 threaded holes for attachment to wheel.
Ultra Lightweight item, only 245g.
Made with high quality machining to ensure excellent accuracy and reliability.

Included is the centre spline, the aluminium hub and the three M8 cap screws.
Slide the centre spline fully over a 3/4″ OD steering column and tack weld to hold in place.
When spline is tacked in place, fully weld around ensuring a strong attachment to the column.
Bolt the 3 hole steering wheel to the hub.
Push the release button and slide the hub onto the spline and release the button ensuring the hub clicks on.
To release, push the button and pull the wheel towards the driver.

Made to strict quality control standards.

Installation of this product should be done by a qualified professional. Welding must be done to a high standard to avoid safety concerns.

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