Pack of 8x 3/4″ Spherical Bearings, Housings and Circlips

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COM-T Teflon Lined Series Spherical Plain Bearings are constructed from Carbon steel outer casing with a chrome plated ball and have a Teflon liner between the ball and the body. This gives a tighter fit for the ball which is ideal for certain applications where vibration/resonance is present.

COM-T Teflon Lined Series Bearings have 3 components; the ball, the liner and the outer race. The ball is inserted into the body and the body is then swaged around the ball to lock it in and it is then loosened to allow it to move. The body is made from Carbon Steel. These bearings are ideal for use in areas which require a tight fitted ball. These bearings are ideal for use in areas where the joint is constantly in motion as the liner insures the ball mooves freely without any knocking or play being induced. These are commonly used in motorsport and on industrial equipment. These joints do not require lubrication.

BALL: 52100 Bearing Steel ~ Heat Treated ~ Hard Chrome Plated ~ Precision Ground
LINER: Teflon Liner between Ball and Body
BODY: Carbon Steel ~ Heat treated ~ Protective Coated for Corrosion Resistance
EXCLUSIVE FEATURES: Cost Effective ~ Teflon Lined

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