Hans Sport II Device (RS406)

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The Hans Sport II device is an excellent, lightweight entry level HANS device which offers excellent value for money.

The device is constructed using injection moulded reinforced thermoplastics for the required high strength, whilst keeping weight down to 700g.

The Sport II HANS device is available from TMR Supplies in a 20 degree recline making it suitable for saloon, oval racing or rally cars with a more upright seating position. Sliding tethers are fitted as standard to provide a greater freedom of movement.

Two sizes are available :

Medium – up to 17″ collar size, Large – over 17″ collar size.

FIA 8858-2010 Approved.

Helmet posts are not included in this sale.

FHR Devices (Frontal Head Restraints) are used in almost every form of motorsport. They are compulsory in most motor racing events worldwide due to the life-saving benefits they provide. The HANS device is used in NASCAR, F1, NHRA, IHRA, USAC, Rally, Drag Racing, Drifting, WOO, Champ Car, Sprint car and most forms or Autograss, Stock Car Racing and oval racing worldwide. It has been proven that many drivers who have tragically lost their life’s due to impacts in motorsport would have been saved if they had been wearing a FHR device.
The purpose of the device is to stop the head from whipping forward in a crash, without otherwise restricting movement of the neck. In a crash, an unprotected body is decelerated by the seatbelt with the head maintaining velocity until it is decelerated by the neck. The HANS device maintains the relative position of the head to the body, with the device transferring energy to the much stronger chest, torso, shoulder, seatbelts, and seat as the head is decelerated.

Product Features

  • 20 Degree layback angle. (Suits rally bucket seats/Kirkey lightweight seats etc).
  • Can be used with 2″ or 3″ belts.
  • FIA Approved (FIA8856-2010) & SFI 38.1 Approved.
  • Excellent safety device, lightweight (700g).
  • Sliding tethers are a function of the HANS Sport II Device, giving more freedom of movement.
  • Padded for driver comfort.


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